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sUAS News on ESA BIC Switzerland accepting Drone Harmony. February 2019

ESA BIC Switzerland accepts DH 2019

Startup ESA BIC Switzerland welcomes Drone Harmony. January 2019

ESA BIC Switzerland welcomes DH 2019

App Of The Day - Interview about Drone Harmony Planner. October 2018

App Of The Day Snapshot October 2018

C├ędric Bollag interviews Drone Harmony CEO for Global Tech Box. August 2018

Global Tech Box Snapshot August 2018

Juan Plaza for Commercial UAV Expo. July 2018

Commercial UAV Expo Snapshot July 2018

Emma Calder: DH poised for market entry with 3D Inspection App. July 2018

Commercial Drone Professional Snapshot July 2018

Jason Reagan for Drone life on making Cell Tower Inspection safer. July 2018

Drone Life Snapshot July 2018
Older news on Drone Harmony:
  • sUAS News: Drone Harmony is revolutionizing the cell tower inspection industry. July 2018. Available at
  • RCRWireless Report on Telecom Tower Inspections. July 2018. Available at
  • Drones Crunch on Reducing Cell Tower Inspection Costs. Early 2018. Available at
  • Jeremiah Karpowicz for UAV Expo on Reducing Cell Tower Inspection Costs. March 2018. Available at

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