Drone Harmony Mission Planner - Release Notes

Current release version 0.8.3 (beta) of 18.04.2018

Outlook on upcoming new features:

You are most welcome to vote on ideas or add your own idea for a new feature on our ideas portal.

Known issues that we are working on:

Older releases:

  1. v0.8.1 and v0.8.2 (beta)
  2. v0.8 (beta)
  3. v0.7.1 (beta)
  4. v0.7 (beta)
  5. v0.6.2 (beta)
  6. v0.6 (beta)
  7. v0.5 (beta)
  8. v0.4.1 (beta)
  9. v0.3 (beta)
  10. v0.2.2 (beta)
  11. v0.2.1 (beta)
  12. v0.2 (beta)