Drone Harmony Mission Planner - Release Notes for version 0.4.1 (beta) from 28.07.2017

Hot Fix v0.4.1: On top of 0.4 this hot fix is for supporting more mobile devices. DJI's new software libraries ask for many permissions and features, some of which our flight planner does not require. We removed these accordingly to increase the range of supported mobile devices. Here is what's new with v0.4:

1. Added the Mission Catalog, Replacing Old Mission Generation Form

New Mission Catalog
The mission generation form was reorganized and replaced with the Mission Catalog. The mission catalog is accessible through the plus icon in the bottom right of the screen, that was previously prompting the mission generation form. The missions in the catalog are now categorized as follows:

2. Added Four New Mission Types With a Live Preview

Four new automatic mission types are now available:
  1. Orbit: Fly a cinematic circular of elliptic trajectory around a POI, a building, or any part of the scene.
  2. Helix: Fly an ascending spiral for a cinematic shot at a single POI, or a creative reveal of the surrounding.
  3. Rocket: Take a dramatic ascending video from the current drone position.
  4. Zoom-Out: Take a dramatic zoom-out reveal by flying backwards form the current drone position and along the camera direction.
The Rocket and Zoom-Out plans support quick launch, meaning that they are launched directly from the mission generation form (without first returning to the map view, selecting the plan and pressing the play icon etc.). These plans are meant for very quick spontaneous shots. At the same time, a waypoint mission is also generated for these missions in the mission list in maps view, making it possible to re-fly the mission.

New Quick Launch missions
All four new missions work with the new missions generation and parameter selection interface that features a 3D widget together with a parameter selection form. The 3D widget allows to choose a point of interest (see 3. Added Points of Interest below), or any structure of the scene of automatically point all camera angles at the selected point during mission generation.

3. Added Points of Interest (POIs)

Points of Interest 3D Points of Interest 2D

Added an engine for "Point of Interest (POI)"- points in space can now be used to direct the camera of waypoints towards them. The POI creation tool is available in the left icon menu and a tutorial is available to explain the POI usage.

4. Added an option to export a text file with mission waypoint geo-locations

Added an option to export a text file (*.csv format) containing all geo-coordinates of the waypoints in a mission. This export will be extended in future updates to include more information.

5. Minor improvements

6. Update to new DJI SDK

New update is built on DJI SDK 4.2.1. According to DJI uploading of waypoint missions should now work more reliably.

Outlook on upcoming new features

Known issues under investigation:

  1. Drone connection problem for devices with x86 architecture and Android >= 6.x (e.g. Asus Zenpad 8): The current DJI shared software library (ffmpeg) is not compatible with Android versions >6.x. For now, the drone connection will be disabled when the app detects that this problem occurs on your device. We are looking for a workaround.
  2. On some Android 4.4 devices, crash may occurs on the DJI level related to FPV window.
  3. DJI reports: libdjivideojni x86 version issues: SDK does not work on some x86 machines (known issue 1. relates to this)