Release version 0.6 (beta) of 15.09.2017

1. Support of Inspire2 / Zenmuse X5S

Currently only the standard DJI X5S lens is supported (this is important for image overlap calculations). In future versions we will support custom camera specs.

2. Refactoring of Pro missions

3. New hobby mission called "Flatland"

Create landscapes as in the movie "Inception". The app computes the precise positions for the images according to the user input. After the image capture, image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop is required to create the landscape. Look for tutorials on Youtube on how to edit the images to get the final result.

4. Improved focus handling

For cameras that do not have a fixed focus (e.g. Mavic, P4P, Zenmuse X5S), we now do refocusing according to user choice (Auto/AFC/Infinity) from the ground and also from the air. In addition during flight a focus button is available in the left side menu, clicking on it will refocus the camera.

Outlook on upcoming new features

Known issues under investigation:

  1. Drone connection problem for devices with x86 architecture and Android >= 6.x (e.g. Asus Zenpad 8): The current DJI shared software library (ffmpeg) is not compatible with Android versions >6.x. For now, the drone connection will be disabled when the app detects that this problem occurs on your device. We are looking for a workaround.
  2. On some Android 4.4 devices, a crash may occurs on the DJI level related to FPV window.
  3. DJI reports: libdjivideojni x86 version issues: SDK does not work on some x86 machines (known issue 1. relates to this)