Release version 0.6.2 (beta) of 20.10.2017

0.6.2 includes a hot fix on top of 0.6.1 that resolved the Error 505 issue some users had during the update / installation process of v0.6.1. The highlight of the 0.6.1 release is the increased support for more mobile devices.

1. Moved to the new DJI SDK (4.3.2)

DJI official release notes state the following critical bug fixes:

2. Added support for more mobile devices

The new DJI SDK non-ARM processor devices should now be compatible and thus Drone Harmony will now also run on these devices. If your device reported for previous versions compatibility issues please try installing the new version. If you still experience compatibility issues please let us know.

3. Various fixes

Outlook on upcoming new features

Known issues under investigation:

  1. On some Android 4.4 devices, a crash may occurs on the DJI level related to FPV window.