The Most Powerful Flight App for Automated UAV Missions

Plan and execute complex drone flights easily and safely on your mobile device. Visualize the asset and environment in Drone Harmony Mobile with a fully 3D interface and benefit from automated mission planning and execution.

Hundreds of Use Cases in One App

Access dozens of automated flight patterns to address hundreds of data capture use cases. Apply any pattern to any asset model in your Drone Harmony scene.

Full 3D Visualization

Leave nothing to chance by visualizing all aspects of your upcoming drone missions in the full built-in 3D work environment. Simulate physical flights and adjust plans before getting out to the site.

drone harmony dji flight planner mobile app

Unique Interface

An intuitive goal-oriented interface abstracts away all the technicalities of traditional mission planning. Inspection engineers and pilots can be easily trained within minutes to perform advanced data capture workflows.

drone harmony dji flight planner mobile app

High quality data

Full coverage and accurate images guaranteed by optimization algorithms.

Reduce cost

Capture just the right amount of high-quality data in every flight.

Scalable solution

Easily share and re-fly flight missions. Train your pilots in less than 30 minutes.


Business intelligence derived from drone data is only as good as the data that is used to generate it.

What our customers say

Drone harmony would have to be the best equipped flight planning app I've ever used. It works perfectly for vertical and complex structures, along with a large number of mission types to achieve the best results for your target asset.

Danny Elassad, Chief Remote Pilot, Hoverscape

Drone Harmony is the best Flight Planning Platform I've used to cover the dynamic terrain of our mining business with it's Terrain Following feature.

Muhammad Ilyas, Deputy Manager Mine Planning, Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC)

Amazing app, easy to use and powerful. Offers all the things I need for scene inspection of many kinds (towers, antennas, construction sites, private residential zones, etc...). Also good mapping grids and parameters setting.

Jose Benitez, Co-Founder, TucanoRobotics

Excellent application, it is worth going for the paid version. It works perfectly, even with simple drones like DJI Spark.

Luis Eduardo Cuevas Correa, Founder, Lekazo

Obtaining a point cloud of the entire site in a few hours using a drone is a huge benefit to the schedule and the budget.

Jesse Creech, VDC Coordinator, Brasfield & Gorrie

Drone Harmony proved itself admirably, and we achieved in automated flight what would have taken enormous risk and complexity in manual flight.

Michael Appleyard, CEO, Drone Inspection WA

Setting up our missions in Drone Harmony has been easy thanks to great tutorials and excellent support from the Drone Harmony Team. Thank you!

Dwayne Marx, Founder

With the Drone Harmony application data acquisition was consistent, the flight patterns and automation provided us with consistent high-quality models for the purposes of tower inspections.

Stanley du Toit, Solution Architect, The iGlobe Group