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Bentley Systems is a leading software provider for the infrastructure industry and the owner of ContextCapture, a state of the art Reality Modelling and Photogrammetry solution.

Drone Harmony and Bentley's Reality Modelling division have been working closely together to guarantee excellent compatibility between Drone Harmony's automatic data acquisition and Reality Modelling in ContexCapture. Our combined efforts encompass numerous completed and ongoing projects ranging from cell tower inspections to bridge modelling.

SiteSee provides an all inclusive cell site inspection and management solution, including data capture, 3D modelling, model consumption, artificial intelligence based analysis and automatic report generation.

SiteSee products are perfectly complimentary to Drone Harmony's mission planning technology. Together, both companies are offering a fully integrated end to end inspection software solution for the cell tower inspection market.

Vertspec connects pilots to vertical asset inspection jobs such as cell tower and wind turbine inspections and provides both pilots and asset owners a front end for interacting and analyzing with the collected data.

Drone Harmony's mission planning capabilities are a perfect fit for Vertspec's platform, as they provide a standard and reliable data acquisition process, guaranteeing that site owners always get the quality data they need, while Vertspec provides Drone Harmony with a perfect ecosystem of pilots and enterprise customers in the fastest growing drone inspection markets.

EasyInspect develops an array of cutting edge visualization and analysis products for the inspection of industrial assets, such as wind turbines, bridges and more.

With this partnership, Drone Harmony and EasyInspect will be able to offer market leading end to end solutions in the field of vertical complex assets inspection. The customer receives a fully streamlined inspection workflow solution that can be deployed at any scale: from autonomous data acquisition to cloud based data visualization, analysis and reporting.

XM2 Industrial have been pioneers in the use of advanced drone technology in the industry since 2014. XM2 Industrial provides smart, scalable solutions that enables enterprise clients to adopt the use of drones in a meaningful and results-driven way.

Drone Harmony and XM2 Industrial are working in collaboration with other partners on end to end solutions for the most challenging inspections markets.

NextCore provides turn-key solutions for capturing high quality, reliable survey-grade LiDAR data from drones. Their platforms are equipped with 3/4G mobile networking and cloud-based survey job management and post-processing.

NextCore partners with Drone Harmony for flight plan automation and improved data acquisition accuracy.

SkyWatch.AI delivers on-demand drone insurance for drone pilots, up to $10M liability. Their innovative solution includes assessments on how safely you fly your drone, and rewards safe piloting with lower rates, similar to what you are used to from your car insurance.

Drone Harmony pilots will benefit from the partnership with SkyWatch.AI by gaining an easy and on the spot access to insurance coverage for their flights.

Airdata is one of the leading flight data platforms for drones, providing detailed information about executed flights, drone health and much more. Airdata also allows pilots to upload data to their cloud for intelligent analysis and report generation.

In conjunction, Drone pilots will benefit from the two seemlessly integrated flight planning and flight analysis platforms.

DroneLogbook is an industry leader for automating UAV log and document management for commercial drone compliance. In addition, DroneLogbook provides tools to manage and track pilot currency, fleet management, detailed maintenance tracking, flight operations and more. As your business scales DroneLogbook can grow and scale with your business even providing a private label version.

In conjunction, Drone pilots will benefit from the two seemlessly integrated flight planning and flight analysis platforms.

Pix Processing is an innovative software company providing cutting edge photogrammetry-based surveying solutions tailored for improving industrial drone-based workflows. Its advanced modelling, visualizations and measurement tools bring value to customers on several work stages on the industrial site.

In conjunction, Drone Harmony's and Pix processing's products comprise a full surveying workflow, from data capture to measurements, from which the customers of both companies will be able to benefit.

AgriCircle is a leading provider of agricultural field management solutions connecting farmers to a professional business intelligence environment. Their field management platform simplifies field advice and makes it easy to collaborate between agronomists, contractors and professional colleagues.

Drone Harmony is collaborating with AgriCircle on innovative projects involving flying Drones in the agricultural domain, one of which is an innovation project funded by the European Space Agency.

Drone Logistique SAS is a leading Done Pilots school in France with more than 16,000 hours of professional drone flight and photogrammetry training.

By partnering with Drone Harmony, Drone-Logistique educates now Professional Drone Pilots on the most sophisticated 3D mission flight planner, explicitly designed for inspection of complex vertical infrastructures. Future drone pilots benefit from accomplishing their inspection job with the highest possible quality images.

Southern Cross Drones offers turn key drone solutions that deliver precision data to customers in Australia, New Zealand and the APAC region. Southern Cross Drones expertise in mapping terrain, integrity assessments of bridges, cell tower infrastructure inspection, search & rescue operations and more. Their deep understanding of customer requirements translate into innovative drone solutions with the right choice of aircraft, sensor device and drone data analytics.

Drone Harmony is collaborating with Southern Cross Drones in order to tailor and extend its mission planning capabilities according to APAC regional requirements.