Drone Harmony Mission Planner - Release Notes for 0.3 (beta) of 27.06.2017

Here are the main new features that were added in this version.

1. Added support for Phantom 3 series:

The drones from the DJI Phantom 3 series are now supported. In general settings you can now set the default drone to your Phantom 3 and you can also chose it on the fly during mission creation. The Phantom 3 series include: Note, that when you connect your Phantom 3 using the wireless network make sure to forcefully close any other DJI related application before connecting with Drone Harmony's Mission Planner. If the connection still fails, try restarting the drone, RC or reconnecting to the Phantom wireless network.

2. Added full control over camera settings

All accessible camera controls provided by DJI are now available. The camera controls are accessible through a new camera button on the top right of your screen.

3. Added choice for camera focus mode

Many recent reports from user feedback (also when using other mission planners) confirmed our own experience that DJI's latest firmwares sometimes is not reliable when flying with camera auto-focus mode. We added a choice for the focus mode when flying automatic waypoint missions (the available choices depend on your drone type): Note the focus is always according to what the camera sees in its centre view.

4. Added distance labels

In the 2D map view mode when creating or editing areas or structures new labels inform you on the distances between the points you are currently editing.

5. Added camera eye lasers

In 3D view a new red camera eye laser visualizes where exactly the centre of the camera eye will hit the scene.

6. Stability improvements for the mission upload procedure

DJI's mission upload procedure is not always reliable. We added more fault handling procedures to prevent upload failures when uploading larger missions.

7. Support for new firmwares

Outlook on upcoming new features

Known issues under investigation:

  1. Drone connection problem for devices with x86 architecture and Android >= 6.x (e.g. Asus Zenpad 8): The current DJI shared software library (ffmpeg) is not compatible with Android versions >6.x. For now, the drone connection will be disabled when the app detects that this problem occurs on your device. We are looking for a workaround.
  2. On some Android 4.4 devices, crash may occurs on the DJI level related to FPV window.