Release notes of version 0.7 (beta) of 13.11.2017

1. (Custom) Terrain Data Support

It is now possible to import terrain data (elevations) into the app, store them, create and visualize triangulated terrain surface meshes in 3D and plan terrain-aware missions. For a detailed explanation of how to work with these new features see our terrain help page.
The new terrain features include:

2. Terrain aware flight planning (Added the Terrain Top-Down Flight Plan)

Terrain Top-Down Flight Plan The first terrain aware flight plan in our Flight Plan Catalog, Terrain Top-Down is available in the PRO section. More will follow while we extend our offering for professionals in the future (i.e. open pit mine flight planning made easy with DH teaser video).
The Terrain-Map plan resembles the Top-Down plan in terms of it's applications and parameters. The generated flight scans the selected scene object capturing it from above with the camera facing down. Adjustments include two overlap parameters and the (relative) altitude. It is also possible to rotate the scan lines. The generated plan maintains the selected altitude above the terrain, which is typically different in different parts of the terain surface mesh (and is in this way different from a normal Top Down scan).
It is important to note that this plan does not yet use automatic obstacle avoidance around user defined structures. Furthermore, while the scene can contain numerous terrain surface meshes, the Terrain Top-Down plan can currently only be planned for a single surface mesh.

3. Area(s) Import (KML files)

(Flat) Areas can now be imported from KML files. Such KML file can be conveniently created at your Desktop using Google Maps and other tools. The number of polygons in the file can be arbitrary - they will all become areas in Drone Harmony. Note that each polygon has to have a total area of at most 20 square kilometres to be considered valid.

4. Added Manual Focus Controls in Camera Settings

Added widgets in the camera settings view give the user the same functionality for adjusting focus as they are used to from DJI GO 4. When launching a flight plan the user is provided with the new choice of keeping the current (manually set) focus settings. Note that, all this is only applicable for the drones that support non-fixed focus.

5. Added German Language

The app is now available in German. More languages will be added in the near future. If the primary language of your device is German the app will be in German.

Outlook on upcoming new features

You are most welcome to vote on ideas or add your own idea for a new feature on our idea portal.

Known issues under investigation:

  1. The app may sometimes crash on start due to a race condition issue in the DJI SDK (related to DJI no-fly zone database access). If this happens - restart the app. DJI are aware of the issue and are working on it.
  2. On some Android 4.4 devices, a crash may occurs on the DJI level related to FPV window.