Release notes of version 0.7.1 (beta) of 04.02.2018

Airdata Log File compatibility

The Drone Harmony log files can now be analyzed using the Airdata data platform (previously also known as Healthy Drones). To use Airdata you need to turn this feature on in the Drone Harmony settings. Drone Harmony will add a possibility to upload flight logs to Airdata in future updates.

Added camera exposure histogram

A histogram widget is now available in the camera view (can be turned on in the camera settings).


Inspire 1 early adopter program

You can write us to if you want to get early access for flying the DJI Inspire 1. Official support for Inspire 1 will be released within the next update.

Outlook on upcoming new features

You are most welcome to vote on ideas or add your own idea for a new feature on our ideas portal.