Release version 0.8 (beta) of 16.03.2018

1. New launch dialog with dynamic obstacle avoidance

A fully re-factored launch dialog guides the pilot now through the process of launching an automated mission. It includes a 3D preview of the trajectory based on the current drone location and chosen flight plan including obstacle considerations.
New Launch dialog with dynamic obstacle avoidance.

2. Added mission resume after a battery swap

If the battery is getting low on an automated mission the battery has to be exchanged. After the battery swap the pilot has now the option to automatically resume the mission from the previous last waypoint. Drone Harmony computes automatically obstacle avoiding paths from the mission to the home location (and back). The pilot can of course still chose to restart the mission from the first waypoint.
Continue a mission after a battery switch.
Restarting a mission after a battery switch.

3. Added mission statistics for flight planning

Two graphs show the time-vs-distance and altitude-vs-distance profile and where waypoint mission uploads will take place. This helps pilots to estimate how long the mission will take for a chosen mission speed. Drone Harmony will gradually improve the precision of these predictive graphs, as well as add more statistics, including the amount of required batteries and where battery swaps will have to occur along the entire flight plan.
New Launch dialog with dynamic obstacle avoidance.

4. Added option for semi-automated missions ("zip-line")

Semi-automated missions give the pilot the ability to manually control yaw and / or gimbal pitch during an otherwise fully automated flight.
New Launch dialog with dynamic obstacle avoidance.

5. Added telemetry to FPV window

Telemetry data is now also available in the FPV window.

6. Added choice for RC connection loss action

Pilots can now chose during the launch process what action shall be initiated in case that the remote controller loses signal connection. To learn more on what happens in RC signal situations refer to our FAQ.
New Launch dialog with dynamic obstacle avoidance.

7. Added choice for exposure locking

Pilots can now lock the exposure setting (AE lock), which is especially useful if the captured aerial data shall be later used for image processing / 3D construction. Note, that the AE lock does not work for the Mavic camera when shooting images.
New Launch dialog with dynamic obstacle avoidance.

8. Preliminary m600 support

Pilots can now fly with a Matrice 600 and Ronin Gimbal setup, however there is not yet support for the FPV (the FPV will be black). Custom camera settings can be adjusted in the general settings tab.
New Launch dialog with dynamic obstacle avoidance.

Outlook on upcoming new features:

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Known issues that we are working on: