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Our partners


Founded in 1994 by Henri Seydoux, Parrot is today the leading European group in the fast-growing industry of drones. Visionary, at the forefront of innovation, Parrot is the only group to be positioned across the entire value chain, from equipment to services and software.

Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems is a leading software provider for the infrastructure industry and the owner of ContextCapture, a state of the art Reality Modelling and Photogrammetry solution.

easy inspect logo

EasyInspect develops an array of cutting edge visualization and analysis products for the inspection of industrial assets, such as wind turbines, bridges and more.


SiteSee provides an all inclusive cell site inspection and management solution, including data capture, 3D modelling, model consumption, artificial intelligence based analysis and automatic report generation.


Vertspec connects pilots to vertical asset inspection jobs such as cell tower and wind turbine inspections and provides both pilots and asset owners a front end for interacting and analyzing with the collected data.

Altitude Angel

Altitude Angel is the world’s leading provider of UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) software, enabling those planning to operate or develop UTM/U-Space solutions, to quickly integrate robust data and services with minimum effort. By unlocking the potential of drones and helping national aviation authorities, ANSPs, developers and enterprise organisations, Altitude Angel is establishing new services to support the growth in the drone industry.

drone logbook logo

DroneLogbook is an industry leader for automating UAV log and document management for commercial drone compliance. In addition, DroneLogbook provides tools to manage and track pilot currency, fleet management, detailed maintenance tracking, flight operations and more.


Airdata is one of the leading flight data platforms for drones, providing detailed information about executed flights, drone health and much more. Airdata also allows pilots to upload data to their cloud for intelligent analysis and report generation.

DroneLogistique logo

Drone Logistique SAS is a leading Done Pilots school in France with more than 16,000 hours of professional drone flight and photogrammetry training.

Softdesk logo

CS Softdesk is a well-established engineering consultancy firm based in Poland. With its many years of experience, the company provides a range of services, focusing on resolving non-standard problems. “As a Gold Partner of Bentley Systems, it conducts Digital Twin reality reconstruction & digitalisation projects based on the ContextCapture using laser scanning and photogrammetry.

Vertical Master

Vertical Master is an innovative learning center for drone jobs, supporting all industries to integrate drones in their activities and individuals to shift career and further develop their projects. They provide professional training and advice.


SkyWatch.AI delivers on-demand drone insurance for drone pilots, up to $10M liability. Their innovative solution includes assessments on how safely you fly your drone, and rewards safe piloting with lower rates, similar to what you are used to from your car insurance.

AgriCircle logo

AgriCircle is a leading provider of agricultural field management solutions connecting farmers to a professional business intelligence environment. Their field management platform simplifies field advice and makes it easy to collaborate between agronomists, contractors and professional colleagues.

Pix Pro logo

Pix Processing is an innovative software company providing cutting edge photogrammetry-based surveying solutions tailored for improving industrial drone-based workflows. Its advanced modelling, visualizations and measurement tools bring value to customers on several work stages on the industrial site.

locon logo

Locon Sky Project is a leading UAV service provider based in Poland. Since 2016 they provide high quality inspections for industry facilities using drones. Their innovative solutions like UAV pilot network and dedicated software make their company very competitive on the Polish and European market.


Soar, The Home of Maps on the Internet. Soar is an evolving geospatial aggregation platform including services for drone mapping, map storage, and map collaboration in addition to our expanding worldwide marketplace for drone, satellite, and aerial imagery.

Sky Elements UAV Solutions Austria

SKY ELEMENTS UAV Solutions Austria was founded in 2014. The focus of their activity is on the sale of complete drone packages and special solutions. With over 30 drone brands and suppliers, they present solutions for creative industries and technical applications. They also offer hard- and software solutions for many drone systems and services, as well as technical support.


Trendspek gives you life-like 3D digital models of your physical assets, with all the tools you need to manage, annotate and share information, so you can make quick yet fully-informed decisions based on water-tight data.

DelMar Aerospace

DelMar Aerospace delivers world-class aerospace services and solutions to government and commercial clients globally. DelMar’s seasoned team of operators, maintainers and engineers provide superior, cost-effective operational performance and second-to-none value propositions for their customers.

Volatus Group

Located on the Pendleton UAS Range in Oregon, Volatus Group provides world-class UAS education and training enabling commercial, corporate, and government customers to operate safely and effectively in a range of applications and industries.

DJI Academy

DJI Academy is a leading drone pilot training center in Poland providing certified UAVO courses and professional hands-on trainings. Their goal is to help you use drones to push your business, organization or hobby forward. Their customers range from drone enthusiasts to large corporations and public safety organizations like police and fire departments.


Dilectro is an experienced sales team that has been operating on the Polish drone market since 2015. They offer full range of enterprise drone solutions and services to companies, organizations and institutions who may benefit from the latest UAV technologies.


Tracer is a one-stop-shop that offers its customers a complete solution that includes consultation, sales, training, inspection, repair, and technical services. They have partnered with the industries leading technologies and innovators. Tracer is committed to bringing their clients custom solutions. Their proprietary sales, service and training methods assure that their customers are supported for the entire life of their products.

drone pilots network logo

Drone Pilots Network is Asia’s largest Drone pilots provider company. They provide drone pilots for drone projects such as drone mapping, drone surveillance,thermal imaging, LiDAR survey, photography, videography, agriculture and public safety.

RPA logo

RPA System Global is a South American company, focused on integral solutions in the Drone’s world. Founded by aviation professionals with high standards in quality and operational safety, they have a high level of experience in the implementation, operation, maintenance, information and image processing.

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