Image Gallery Feature for Drone Harmony for DJI Dock

March 13, 2024

At Drone Harmony, we’re committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for drone mission planning and execution. Our latest enhancement, the Image Gallery feature for Drone Harmony for DJI Dock, brings unparalleled convenience and efficiency to managing captured image data. Here’s why this feature will revolutionize your workflow:

Automatic Upload and Organization: As soon as your flight is complete, all captured image data is automatically uploaded, stored, and organized. Say goodbye to manual file transfers and tedious data management tasks.

Captured image data is automatically uploaded, stored, and organized

Effortless Navigation: Finding the images you need has never been easier. Our intuitive interface allows you to navigate through your image data by site, date, and mission. The map view provides a comprehensive overview, with images overlaid on both the map view and in 3D, giving you a clear indication of each image’s location relative to the site.

Indication of each image’s location

Seamless Browsing Experience: Dive deep into your captured images with our seamless browsing experience. View images in the order they were captured during a specific mission, and effortlessly zoom in and out to inspect every detail. Our user-friendly interface makes exploration a breeze.

Zoom in and out to inspect every detail

Efficient Comparison Tools: Identifying changes over time is now a simple task. With Drone Harmony, you can easily compare images captured at different times and dates for the same location. Spotting differences and monitoring progress has never been more efficient.

Images filter

Integration with Third-Party Solutions: Harness the power of your image data beyond Drone Harmony. Our API allows seamless access to image data, enabling integration with third-party software solutions. Whether you’re analyzing data or incorporating images into reports, the possibilities are endless.

With the Image Gallery feature for Drone Harmony for DJI Dock, managing captured image data is no longer a hassle – it’s a streamlined process that empowers you to make informed decisions with ease.