Release Notes Drone Harmony Web App

This page contains the release notes of the Drone Harmony Web Application. You will find here a description of all new features, bug fixes, and known issues.

Release Notes – Drone Harmony Web App

May 2021 Release

  • Ability to re-plan (edit) missions
  • Release of DH Rest API. For details contact us at

April 2021 Release

  • Added waypoint selection box tool for easy 2D and 3D editing of multiple waypoints
  • Added Right-Mouseclick context menus for faster editing
  • Extended Mission(s) Panel to include editing actions for currently selected missions and waypoints
  • Added Drone Harmony Site (*.dhm files) Export and Import
  • Added Mavic Air 2 drone & camera profiles
  • Added keyboard shortcuts, the full list is available under Menu -> Shortcuts

March 2021 Release

  • Added profiles for DJI M300 + 2 cameras: P1 (3 lenses) & XT2

February 2021 Release

  • Mission info panel
  • Export plans into DJI Pilot compatible KML
  • Import plans from DJI Pilot compatible KML
  • Ability to change single waypoint position by Lat, Lng input
  • Improved performance in terrain 3D view for large terrains
  • UI Improvements at the top panel

January 2021 Release

  • Negative altitude support for all terrain missions.
  • Single Sign on integration with DroneLogbook (see Partners sections in the menu)
  • Efficiency improvements in 3D
  • Ability to update waypoint altitudes relatively
  • Added waypoint count in Plan editing window

December 2020 Release

  • Integration with Altitude Angel for Airspace information display on the map. Feature is available for all subscribers as well as trial users.
  • Overlay support. Ability to upload a custom geo-referenced map (GeoTiff format) and work with it both in 2D as well as 3D views. Feature is available for all subscribers as well as trial users.
  • Small UX improvements in planning.

November 2020 Release

  • Ability to load multiple Sites and work with them in the Filters menu as well as on the map and 3D environment.
  • Open Street Maps tool. Ability to import buildings data from the OSM database.
  • Importing of GeoJSON areas. KML was available in the past, we added also the option for GeoJSON. It works for lines, polygons and points of interest.