2024 – An Outlook

January 10, 2024

We are excited to support our fast-growing customer base and partner ecosystem and are gearing up to support more industries than ever before in 2024! As ultra-flexible hardware platforms like DJI Dock hit the market, all heavy industries take notice and commence proofs of concept. Drone Harmony provides maximum flexibility and control in one platform with maximal emphasis on secure data and safe flight operations.

As the last remaining questions about the ROI of drones have been answered in 2023, the new year will be a year of accelerated adoption in most heavy industries. With that, the need for software solutions that can seamlessly integrate into a complex IT landscape will be imperative.  

We believe this year will be the “Year of 3D” where more and more users of drone workflows will switch to using 3D flight management as the main tool. Why? Dock-centered use cases will demonstrate the value of 3D in terms of flexibility, safety, and user experience, while drone-based workflows will follow suit, as most advantages are shared.

The use of drones in the utility space will finally start reaching its true potential. There is almost no asset, for which a drone- or dock-based workflow does not provide obvious value. From inspecting thousands of utility masts to continuous monitoring of substations — the market already has at-scale adopters that are running with it. It is just a matter of time before the remaining parts of the market follow. Drone Harmony and its partner network will be there to support this adoption.

We thank you for your loyalty in recent years and look forward to an exciting 2024!