5 new things you can do with Drone Harmony Cloud right now

April 30, 2019

Drone Harmony Cloud has just been released. In this post we list the five most important things it enables right now.

  1. Automatic Synchronization. Drone Harmony customers never need to worry about maintaining and managing their Drone Harmony states and missions, as this is now done automatically. With the release of Drone Harmony Cloud, saved states on either the mobile device, or the web platform are automatically archived and pushed to the cloud (either immediately, or the next time internet connection is available). Furthermore, every time you enter the load state menu, the up to date state information is pulled from the Drone Harmony Cloud, guaranteeing that your mission data is always up to date, wherever you are.
  2. Visualize missions in any browser. Load any Drone Harmony state in the web interface to visualize scenes and missions on the computer screen. A new visualization of camera headings of all waypoints in 3d enhances your understanding of the planned drone actions along the flight path.
  3. Edit missions in 2d and 3d. The web interface allows you to easily edit scenes and missions by using the comfort of a computer screen and mouse. New edit options in 3d enable easy and intuitive editing of vertical missions.
  4. Create simple scenes and missions in the web. Define scene objects, and create manual waypoint missions in the web interface (Automatic generation of missions is still only available in the mobile application, but will soon be made available on the web as well).
  5. Tag and Archive your missions. Add tags to easily sort, organize and navigate through all stored missions. Saved states are automatically archived to maintain a history of your organizations’ data capture activities. Easily load the latest version of a state, or any archived version.

Visualize, edit and manage Drone Harmony States – from the comfort of your web browser

This is just the beginning. Drone Harmony Cloud is evolving quickly into Drone Harmony’s main mission planning tool. To learn more about what Drone Harmony Cloud will enable in the near future, read “Introducing Drone Harmony Cloud“.

Do you have ideas for improvement? A feature you would like to see? Post your ideas on our idea platform and interact with us and other Drone Harmony users on our forum.