Choosing the Drone Harmony plan that’s right for your business

July 9, 2018

We’ve released Drone Harmony Plus, the professional mission planning product and have made it available in several licensing plans. This article discusses the differences between the plans and helps you choose the plan that is right for you.

Drone Harmony Plus, the newly released mission planning product is available in a number of licensing plans. To pick the right plan for your business, it suffices to answer the following three questions. But whatever plan you choose, you will be able to try it for free for 14 days.

1. What kind of drone work is your business doing?

If your business is doing inspection or mapping work, most likely that you need the Drone Harmony Plus application, which includes the full range of mission planning capabilities of Drone Harmony. If you are only interested in the cinematographic features of Drone Harmony for your Mavic Pro/Air or Phantom drones, you can start with the Drone Harmony Basic lifetime license and upgrade later, if you see the need.

Do you need the Drone Harmony Plus application? The answers to the next two questions will help you choose a suitable plan.

2. What is the size of you drone business?

If you are a small drone services business and you primarily use one drone for your professional work, the Pro license can be the right choice for you. With a Pro plan any number of team members can use the full range of Drone Harmony’s mission planning capabilities with any single DJI Mavic/Phantom/Inspire series drone.

Do you have more than one and at most five drones you need to use Drone Harmony with? Then the Business license is what you need.

Are you medium/large size inspection company? Or, are you setting up an in-house drone inspection/mapping operation? Then you need an Enterprise license. Contact us and we will be happy to find with you a suitable model tailored to your business!

Finally, if you are an academic, and you plan to use Drone Harmony for your academic activities (research, teaching a class), you can go for the Academic license that gives you all the benefits of the Business license for half the price.

3. What drones are you going to use?

If you want to use Drone Harmony with an industry grade DJI Matrice series drone (m200, m210, or m600), you will need a Business or Enterprise license. All other supported DJI drones are already available in the Pro license.

Find here a side by side comparison of all Drone Harmony plans.