Drone Harmony Integrates with Altitude Angel to Enhance Safety of Data Acquisition

December 1, 2020

We have partnered with Altitude Angel, a leader in UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) software, to provide Drone Harmony customers with in-app airspace information.

This integration underlines our commitment to ensure safer flight operation for our customers, as well as our commitment to constantly enrich our data capture platform with high-quality environment data.

Drone Harmony continues to enrich its data capture platform by integrating state of the art services. With the most recent integration, Drone Harmony customers can now view airspace data (airspace definitions, areas with flight restrictions, no fly zones, etc. ) provided by Altitude Angel within Drone Harmony Web.

Airspace overlays are presented in a distinct color and transparency scheme for easy distinction with other Drone Harmony primitives, such as areas and missions. The data is streamed directly from Altitude Angel and thus up-to-date with the Altitude Angel data pools.

This integration marks the beginning of our collaboration with Altitude Angel. In the future, Drone Harmony will strive to incorporate more types of data provided by Altitude Angel, relevant for flight planning and operations, such as airspace notification alerts, flight authorization capabilities (LAANC), Remote Identification (remoteID) and more.