Drone Harmony and Danish EasyInspect enter into partnership

July 19, 2018

The newly established partnership between Danish EasyInspect and Swiss Drone Harmony makes drone inspection easier than ever. The combined solution brings customers faster, higher quality and more comprehensive complex asset inspections.

The Danish software company EasyInspect is behind the analysis and reporting program Inspection Cloud, which is used for storage and analysis of image data from drone inspections. EasyInspect’s technology makes it possible, for example to compose the collected image data into accurate 3D versions of the inspected object, such as a high building or a wind turbine. By means of artificial intelligence and computer vision, the program locates damages on the object and compiles a detailed report of the findings, thus the data can be compared to previous and future inspections.

“You have to do what you’re good at. At EasyInspect we focus on the data analysis and reporting. But all analysis and reporting are based on quality data acquisition and therefore we must help customers to solve this part of the drone inspection process. And Drone Harmony can help us with that,” explains Sylvester Nielsen, Technical Director of EasyInspect, about the background of the new partnership.

A partnership that will benefit the entire drone inspection workflow

Drone Harmony has developed a software that allows to autonomously program and fly a drone in order to collect the desired high quality imagery data from different angles without any manual operation. Drone Harmony’s application marks the object to be inspected and surrounding obstacles. Next, the system calculates an optimized route around the selected object and flies the drone autonomously.


“In the past, both the collection and processing of data were associated with difficulties. But with the software that manages both processes in an easy and effective way and at the same time makes it possible to compare data from multiple inspections, as well as making the flight inspection consistent, the new partnership is definitely a breakthrough in drone inspection,” says EasyInspect Director, Andreas Krickhahn Larsen.

CEO and founder of Drone Harmony, Martin Fuchsberger, also has no doubt that the new collaboration will create great value for corporate customers and end users:

“EasyInspect has an array of cutting edge visualization and analysis products for the inspection of industrial assets, and as such it is perfectly complimentary to Drone Harmony’s product lines which focus on automatic, precise and repeatable UAV-based quality data acquisition. We believe that through this collaboration both companies will be able to provide their respective customers better value by offering well integrated, complete end to end inspection.”

Works on solution for wind turbine inspection and other verticals

The first task of the two companies in the new partnership is to integrate EasyInspect’s and Drone Harmony’s systems so that the routes of the drones could be stored in the EasyInspect system. In addition, they are also working on developing special flight plans for inspecting complex assets, such as wind turbines, bridges and more.

“Through this partnership both companies will be able to offer a market leading end to end solution in the field of vertical complex assets inspection. The customer receives a fully streamlined inspection workflow solution that can be deployed at any scale: from autonomous data acquisition to cloud based data visualization, analysis and reporting,” says Martin Fuchsberger.

For further information please contact:

Martin Fuchsberger, CEO and founder, Drone Harmony: martin@droneharmony.com
Andreas Krickhahn Larsen
, CEO and founder, EasyInspect: akl@easyinspect.net
Sylvester Nielsen, CTO and founder, EasyInspect: sln@easyinspect.net