Drone Harmony Moved out of Beta

July 6, 2018

Early July sees the commercial release of Drone Harmony’s 3D automatic mission planning Android app with a variety of unique new features. The platform is also the basis for a market-first full 3D, automated and optimized inspection app tailored for the cell tower industry.

Drone Harmony reinvents the way people fly drones commercially. With our professional flight planner users gain safety and quality due to full automation, from obstacle avoiding plan generation to the actual flight execution. The app allows users to collects ultra-high quality images and videos tailored for a wide variety industrial and recreational applications.

The unique benefits of using Drone Harmony include:

  • Full automation: Plan generation, obstacle avoidance and flights are all done automatically.
  • Full 3D interface: All interactions from objects definitions through plan generation to the flight itself are visualized in 3D to eliminate uncertainty and errors.
  • Better quality in less time: Collection of ultra-high quality images and videos in a  fully reproducible way and in a fraction of the time.
  • Easy to use and learn: Intuitive interfaces, full visualization, training in less than 30min.
DJI mission planner drone harmony with flight smoothing
Flight Smoothing for Stunning Videos

Drone Harmony works with a number of industry partners on drone workflow automation for various  industrial use cases, including Bentley System’s Reality Modelling team, SiteSee (AUS), The iGlobe Group (RSA), VertSpec (USA) and EasyInspect (Denmark), as well as dozens of customers and resellers around the world. Drone Harmony enjoyed fruitful collaboration with these companies on projects ranging from cell tower inspections to complex structure mappring.

More than 20’000 experienced professional pilots, hobby pilots and even beginners already benefit from the powerful Drone Harmony mission planner.  For this reason Drone Harmony offers different license plans:

  • The Basic License is ideal for individuals flying their drone during outdoor activities or holidays.
  • The Pro License is perfect for a small company operating with a DJI Mavic/Phantom/Inspire and offering complex inspection, mapping and professional cinematographic services.
  • The Business License is suited for a drone business performing regular inspections with several professional drones at larger scale, requiring consistent data, reduced time on site and the ability to deal with complex data capture scenarios.
  • Enterprises with many job sites that require seamless and customized integration of drone operations into the company workflow processes will be able to get a customized Enterprise Plan. The fight planning platform allows Drone Harmony to quickly create new flight patterns tailored to the enterprise’s requirements.
  • The Academic Version is intended for universities, research groups and institutions with research projects involving professional drone flying.

Moreover, Drone Harmony mission planner app is the basis of a new fully automated capture app tailored for cell tower inspections, featuring a scene-centered workflow, a full 3D planning environment and obstacle avoidance. Automated workflows have proven their potential to reduce the death toll of tower climbers and to cut inspection costs by as much as 50%. Planning and setting up the inspection flight with Drone Harmony takes about 5 – 10 minutes. A game changer.

Cell Tower Scan Plan Catalog
Cell Tower Scan Basic Plan Catalog

The iGlobe Group which is a specialized integrator, focusing on geospatial orientated applications in the mining, municipality, utility, and private sector, has already tested Drone Harmony Cell Tower Scan extensively. Both managers and pilots are enthusiastic about this app. They were able to reduce the inspection time from 19 to just 8 hours and drastically increase the quality of the deliverable.

Cell Tower 3D Model (iGlobe Group)

Drone Harmony was founded in 2016 by a team of highly skilled problem solvers with a passion for drones, software and automation. From the very early days, Drone Harmony has set out to tackle the mathematical and engineering challenges of enabling cost-effective deployment of drone technology in industries, where existing technologies were unable to deliver.