Drone Harmony Partners Up with Bentley Systems

November 2, 2017

The last couple of months have seen Drone Harmony achieve an important milestone in its goal of becoming the leading drone mission planning solution for industrial applications: a partnership with Bentley Systems, the world leader in software solutions for advancing infrastructure.


The partnership is designed to combine Bentley Systems’ ContextCapture¬†software with the Drone Harmony Mission Planner to allow businesses in the infrastructure domain to profit from powerful end-to-end solutions.

ContextCapture is Bentley’s cutting edge Reality Modeling software, capable to producing accurate 3D models of real-world conditions on practically any scale, including that of a whole city. As such, there is a natural synergy between Drone Harmony’s 3D mission planner and ContextCapture: Drone Harmony can both feed the ContextCapture engine with the imagery it needs to construct the 3D models, as well as utilize the 3D models themselves to plan optimized and safe plans in complex 3D environments, streamlining and automatizing the workflow.

In the context of this partnership, the Team of Drone Harmony and Bentley Systems are working together to create a seamless workflow combining the two technologies by interfacing Drone Harmony with ContextCapture’s cloud services. In addition, within the collaboration customized versions of Drone Harmony’s planner are developed for third parties using ContextCapture with the goal to enable and streamline their drone-powered solutions.