Drone Harmony’s community has the right to a say

November 7, 2017

This is our declared goal: Become the leading drone mission planner solution for every drone pilot – whether he or she does that professionally or privately.

To achieve this, we want to be close to our community and app users. How do they get along with our flight planner? Which feature do they miss? What is their main problem? And why do they use our app instead of our competitors’ one?

How it went so far

Being active on social medias, different forums and running our own Drone Harmony forum, we are in a constant exchange with “our” drone pilots. Over these many channels we gained a lot of good feedback and ideas. But we noticed, that this is not enough.

The next step

We have to bundle the mass of wonderful new ideas. And we need to set priorities. This is why we started a new channel: On ideas.droneharmony.com every drone pilot has the opportunity to submit his or her idea or vote for an existing idea.

We need to set priorities

This gives us a guideline where to begin with and where to set our priorities. Being just the four of us, this is obviously the most important part.

Let’s do things together!

Join us on ideas.droneharmony.com and help us create your very own ideal mission planner. We are happy about every single input.