Drone Harmony’s Partners Around the World

August 2, 2018

Drone Harmony’s recent commercial release is an important stepping stone in the company’s vision to provide industry-leading automated solutions to the commercial drone market. To provide maximal value to our customers we have also partnered up with a number of leading companies in complimentary fields such as photogrammetry, asset management and service provision. Here are some of the highlights of these efforts.

partners dh

Bentley Systems is a leading software provider for the infrastructure industry and the owner of ContextCapture, a state of the art Reality Modelling and Photogrammetry solution. Drone Harmony and Bentley’s Reality Modelling division have been working closely together to guarantee excellent compatibility between Drone Harmony’s automatic data acquisition and Reality Modelling in ContexCapture. Our combined efforts encompass numerous completed and ongoing projects ranging from cell tower inspections to bridge modelling.

SiteSee provides an all inclusive cell site inspection and management solution, including data capture,  3D modelling, model consumption, artificial intelligence based analysis and automatic report generation.

EasyInspect develops an analytics and management platform for the wind turbines. In the context of this partnership, Drone Harmony is developing an autonomous data capture platform for wind turbines to connect to the EasyInspect’s platform.

Vertspec connects pilots to vertical asset inspection jobs such as cell towers, wind turbines, construction sites etc. Drone Harmony’s vertical data acquisition capabilities are a perfect fit for Vertspec’s platform.