New Terrain Features in Drone Harmony Cloud

June 1, 2020

We have updated the Drone Harmony platform to include several key enhancements to improve further your enterprise workflow in Drone Harmony. These improvements include a brand new terrain view in DH Cloud, terrain storage, terrain aware flights in DH Cloud and a new billing and invoice management interface.

Importing Terrain

Terrain Planning in the Web

Drone Harmony users can now import GeoTiff (*.tif) terrain files in any coordinate system for mission planning through the Drone Harmony web interface. The imported terrain can then be loaded, visualized and navigated in our brand new terrain view, called 3D DEM.

Switching to 3D DEM View

3D DEM view provides a fully immersive 3D view of the terrain represented by the imported data (see below). In case of large terrain files, the navigation in 3D DEM is extremely easy and intuitive: simply drag and rotate the 3D view to see different parts of the terrain, or to change the point of view.

Alongside with the new terrain import and visualization features, we have introduced several powerful automated terrain aware missions. You can plan survey missions with the Terrain Top-Down mission, or plan inspections of linear infrastructure, such as mountain roads, pipelines or electricity lines, just to name a few. Start Drone Harmony Cloud and take a look for yourself.

Planning survey missions in complex terrains using 3D DEM view and terrain aware flights in Drone Harmony Cloud

Questions of Scale

How large can a terrain file be? Each Drone Harmony plan comes with a generous limit on the terrain storage and processing.

Need more space? No problem! There is no limit to the size and geographic coverage of the terrain files you are using with Drone Harmony. Our technology will host and process any number of files of any combined size and make all data available for smooth online mission planning. In fact, some Drone Harmony enterprise customers already maintain terrain models of full countries within the Drone Harmony Cloud, thus eliminating all overheads, confusion and inconsistency caused by fragmented file-based handling of terrain data for mission planning. Reach out to us at to learn more about terrain hosting.

Watch our Youtube tutorial “Terrain Aware Flights” and our webinar “Working with Terrain Models in Drone Harmony” for more insights.

Access to New Billing Page

New Interface for Buying and Managing your Drone Harmony Plan

We have also made it easier to buy and manage Drone Harmony plans with a new Billing page in Drone Harmony Cloud. You can now easily buy or upgrade your Drone Harmony plan through the web interface and view and download your past invoices or view future invoices.