Drone Harmony Tower Scanner App Updates

November 22, 2023

The Drone Harmony Tower Scanner for Cell Tower Inspection continues to evolve, offering an extensive range of new features and enhancements. With its new ability to resume missions, improved translation support, real-time data display, and numerous other updates, the app is a valuable tool for tower and antenna inspections. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the latest updates of the Drone Harmony Tower Scanner App, highlighting its enhanced capabilities.

Ability to Resume Mission from Any Point

One of the standout features of the Drone Harmony Tower Scanner App is the ability to resume a mission from any point using a scroll bar. This means that if your mission is interrupted for any reason, you can easily pick up where you left off, saving time and ensuring that no critical data is missed.

After trimming the mission

GSD and Overlaps Display

To enhance the precision of your missions, the app now displays Ground Sample Distance (GSD) and Overlaps directly within the interface. This real-time information allows you to fine-tune your flight parameters and ensure you capture the data you need with the desired level of detail.

Improved Computation Speed for Plugins

Drone Harmony has significantly improved the computation speed of plugins, making them more efficient and responsive. This optimization enhances the overall performance of the app, ensuring that your missions run smoothly and efficiently.

Plugin Changes

a. Separated Radii for Tower and Antenna

In response to user feedback, the app now allows users to set separate radii for tower and antenna inspection. This flexibility provides greater control over the scanning process, allowing for more precise and customized mission planning.

b. Stacked: Changed the Number of Images to Horizontal Overlap

For stacked missions, the app has replaced the “Number of Images” parameter with “Horizontal Overlap,” giving users a more intuitive and practical way to adjust their mission settings to achieve the desired coverage and accuracy.

Tapping and Selecting Objects Improvements on the Map

Enhancements to the app’s user interface include improvements in tapping and selecting objects on the map. This makes it easier to interact with the mission plan, ensuring greater accuracy and ease of use.

Tap to Lift-off Option

The new “Tap to Lift-off” feature allows you to initiate the mission with a single tap. This time-saving addition simplifies your workflow and gets your drone in the air faster.

Ability to Move Home Point

Users can now adjust the home point to suit the specific requirements of their mission, providing greater flexibility and control over the drone’s starting and ending location.

Unlocking Certificate

The addition of an unlocking certificate enhances security and compliance, ensuring that your missions meet regulatory requirements.

Button Bindings

Customize your experience with button bindings, tailoring the app to your preferences and making mission planning and execution more intuitive.

RTK Setup Warning

The app now provides a warning if an internet connection is not available during RTK setup, helping you avoid potential issues and ensuring that your missions are accurate and reliable.

Speed Warnings

Receive warnings if the drone’s speed is too high and may result in missing images. This helps you maintain data integrity and mission success.

Speed warning message

Point Spacing Warnings

The app now checks for points that are too close together in your mission plan and offers options to handle them effectively, ensuring mission safety and data accuracy.

Point spacing warnings

Mission Execution: Create a New Folder

Organize your missions more efficiently by creating new folders directly within the app, simplifying data management.

Account Sync Improved

Syncing your account data is now more reliable and seamless, ensuring that your missions and settings are up to date across all your devices.

Improved Support for German Translation

The app now offers improved support for German translation, making it more accessible and user-friendly for German-speaking drone operators.

For cell tower inspections we recommend the use of the DJI Enterprise drones: DJI’s Matrice 300, Matrice 350, Matrice 30, and Mavic 3 Enterprise.