Cell Tower Drone Inspections

Drone Harmony Tower Scanner is the market’s first solution for automating data acquisition around communication towers. In conjunction with the Drone Harmony Web platform, Drone Harmony is providing a holistic digitalization solution for cell site owners around the world.

Faster and safer inspections with minimum training

You'll come back from the field with perfect pictures.

Skip the manual climbing or flying - Work with Drone Harmony. Your benefits:

Automated flight execution

Tailored catalog of automated inspection flights for telecommunication towers with an intuitive workflow. Input obstacles in advance to ensure that generated flight plans avoid them automatically.

High Quality Data

Full coverage of all telecom tower components and accurate images are guaranteed by optimization algorithms.

Reduce Cost & Risk

The automated workflow requires less time on site and less skilled personnel. High data quality reduces image processing costs and eliminates reruns. The custom flight calibration function guarantees safe flight execution.

Scalable & Repeatable Solution

Flight plans can be shared and repeatedly flown. Train beginner pilots in less than 30 minutes.

Open for Customization

Do you have special requirements? Contact us, we will tailor the missions to your workflow.

Latest news about telecom tower inspections

Drone Harmony and Phase One Announce Collaboration

Drone Harmony and Phase One team up to deliver the best solution for high-resolution precision inspection and mapping, combining Phase One’s unparalleled image quality delivered by the P3 payload with Drone Harmony’s Data Acquisition Platform. For the full press release, visit this page. Drone Harmony now supports Phase One’s flagship payload for drone inspection and...

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Why you should be using Drone Harmony with your DJI M300

Since its release, the DJI Matrice 300 has established itself as the go-to platform for high-end professional data acquisition. Its unmatched versatility, reliability and durability are second to none at its price point. Now it also has the perfect companion – the new Drone Harmony Mobile app. The DJI M300 platform is the ultimate productivity...

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Business intelligence derived from drone data is only as good as the data that is used to generate it.