Bridge Inspection And 3D Defects Analysis by Manam Applications Ltd.

February 3, 2021

Manam Applications Ltd. and AviSight were awarded a grant from the prestige BIRD Foundation to develop a drone bridge inspection technology, 3D analysis and deliver a full integration and Bridge Management System.

Thus enabling efficient, intelligent, fast, and straightforward processes to
inspect and easily maintain bridge structures throughout the US & North America and worldwide. A significant challenge was to create a 3D reality
model of the bridge/structure (such digital twins are commonly used by bridge engineers), using state of the art hardware and software.

Manam Applications examined and tested several flight-planners and found out that the Drone Harmony flight planner is the most simple, efficient, precise, and suitable for their needs. They used a combination of Drone Harmony flight plan patterns. The applied data capturing technique included “Mapping Orbits” combined with the “Facade Inspection” flight patterns ultimately resulting in the highest quality 3D Reality Model.

PDF of this customer story.