Major mobile app release for DJI Enterprise drones. Version 2.5.0

August 3, 2023

Here we are! The big release of DJI Enterprise Drones App v2.5.0 (by August 2023)

We are excited to introduce the latest major mobile release for DJI Enterprise Drones, version 2.5.0

What`s the point? 
For a couple of months, we have learned a lot from our customer’s feedback and experience while getting ready for this important release. This update brings a plethora of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to elevate your drone missions to new heights.


Expanded Drone Compatibility:

  • Introducing support for the cutting-edge Matrice 350 drone, empowering you with new capabilities.
  • We’ve integrated the new DJI SDK 5.5.0, ensuring compatibility with the latest technologies.
New FPV controls
  • Obstacle avoidance radar widget
  • Customize your FPV screen controls by adding or hiding controls per your preference.
  • Inclusion of grids.
  • Focus noise controls.
Once you select a single waypoint, you can convert it to panorama.
  • Unlock panoramic perspectives with panorama support now available for Mavic 3 Enterprise (M3e) and Matrice 30 (M30) drones.
You will find button bindings in the drone menu.
  • Take command of your drone with customizable button mappings in the drone menu, including C1, C2, C3, and 5D controls (up, down, left, right, press).
  • Customize functions, including EV compensation, ISO adjustment, shutter speed control, gimbals orientation, front LEDs, and status indicator LEDs.

— Custom Mission Catalog:

UI/UX improvements:

Our team enhanced user experience and continues with significant UI/UX upgrades.

  • Quickly access your sites with the improved Load Site menu’s sorting options.
  • Launching missions is now even more convenient than initiating launches directly from the planning menu
  • Ability to group waypoints simplifies mission planning, enhancing overall efficiency. (screenshot 4)
  • You can now set a custom speed for a group of waypoints (mission sections) or conveniently add waypoints. (screenshot 5)
  • The Telemetry bar now displays the distance to home and distance to the pilot, providing essential information at a glance. (screenshot 6)
Screenshot 4 – Sections of the mission plan divided into groups of waypoints.
Screenshot 5 – You can add waypoints and set custom speed for part of the mission plan by clicking on the arrow between waypoints.
Screenshot 6 – Telemetry bar now shows the distance to home and distance to pilot under the flight mode tab.

— Minimized Map Enhancements:

  •  The minimized map view has been enhanced with increased window size for improved visibility.
  •  Minimized map markers have been resized for a clearer overview of your surroundings.

— Optimized Buttons and UI:

  • The Load Site menu now offers site sorting options by date or alphabet for quick access.   
  • Mission-related buttons, such as inspection calibration buttons, have been redesigned with text labels and improved placement for enhanced usability.
  • A cancel button for the Go Home feature has been added, offering increased control.

 Bug Fixes:

  • Improved compatibility and stability for the Matrice 300 drone.
  • Addressed the sometimes cropped and off-centered FPV feed issues for a more accurate flight view.
  • Resolved the occurrence of shutter sounds playing twice per image capture.
  • Fixed the video-capturing sound that occurred upon entering FPV mode.
  • The trigger button on RC now works in all views (FPV/map/3d)

Experience the enhanced capabilities and refined user experience of DJI Enterprise Drones App v2.5.0. Fly safely and explore new horizons with confidence!