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Drone Harmony’s Partners Around the World

Drone Harmony’s recent commercial release is an important stepping stone in the company’s vision to provide industry-leading automated solutions to the commercial drone market. To provide maximal value to our customers we have also partnered up with a number of leading companies in complimentary fields such as photogrammetry, asset management and service provision. Here are...

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Drone Harmony Basic vs. Drone Harmony Plus: What’s included.

Drone Harmony’s recent professional release sees two products hit the market: Drone Harmony Basic and Drone Harmony Plus. This article describes the differences in features and functionality between the two apps. Which Drone Harmony app is right for me? In our recent article Choosing the Drone Harmony plan that’s right for your business we’ve described...

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Drone Harmony and Danish EasyInspect enter into partnership

The newly established partnership between Danish EasyInspect and Swiss Drone Harmony makes drone inspection easier than ever. The combined solution brings customers faster, higher quality and more comprehensive complex asset inspections. The Danish software company EasyInspect is behind the analysis and reporting program Inspection Cloud, which is used for storage and analysis of image data...

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Choosing the Drone Harmony plan that’s right for your business

We’ve released Drone Harmony Plus, the professional mission planning product and have made it available in several licensing plans. This article discusses the differences between the plans and helps you choose the plan that is right for you. Drone Harmony Plus, the newly released mission planning product is available in a number of licensing plans....


Drone Harmony Moved out of Beta

Early July sees the commercial release of Drone Harmony’s 3D automatic mission planning Android app with a variety of unique new features. The platform is also the basis for a market-first full 3D, automated and optimized inspection app tailored for the cell tower industry. Drone Harmony reinvents the way people fly drones commercially. With our professional...

Drone Harmony’s community has the right to a say

This is our declared goal: Become the leading drone mission planner solution for every drone pilot – whether he or she does that professionally or privately. To achieve this, we want to be close to our community and app users. How do they get along with our flight planner? Which feature do they miss? What...

Drone Harmony Partners Up with Bentley Systems

The last couple of months have seen Drone Harmony achieve an important milestone in its goal of becoming the leading drone mission planning solution for industrial applications: a partnership with Bentley Systems, the world leader in software solutions for advancing infrastructure. The partnership is designed to combine Bentley Systems’ ContextCapture software with the Drone Harmony Mission...