Drone Harmony supports Parrot ANAFI Ai for complex missions

October 26, 2022

The solution allows complex topography and vertical structure mapping missions with the professional-grade micro-drone designed for photogrammetry.

This partnership combines Parrot’s top-of-the-line 4G connected professional drones with Drone Harmony’s Software to provide inspection and mapping professionals with automated data acquisition capabilities in the most challenging scenarios. The duo guarantees high-quality and safe reproducible data collection.

Parrot ANAFI Ai’s 48 MP images captured at 1 frame per second provide the best photogrammetry solution of its category: mapping quicker for the same data quality/mapping larger surface for the same mission duration.

Leveraging Parrot ANAFI Ai’s outstanding photogrammetry characteristics, Drone Harmony’s Application allows inspection professionals to eliminate errors by optimizing the drone position to capture the most accurate data. The flight planner considers the ground level for large-scale topography missions. Drone Harmony also allows flight planning for building facades mapping and inspection of industrial infrastructure. Coupled with the ANAFI Ai’s 4G connectivity, the solution is particularly acute for mapping in interferences-ridden urban areas where Wi-Fi might be very challenging.

The data captured with the Parrot ANAFI Ai and Drone Harmony Application can then be used by professionals to rapidly survey and/or generate precise 2D and 3D maps of buildings, telecommunications assets, power lines, industrial sites, bridges, railways, mines, mountains road, quarries, forests, cliffs

Once a flight plan is created in the Drone Harmony web application, it can be shared through Parrot FreeFlight 7, the App designed to control Parrot ANAFI Ai. The flight plan then appears on the usual App interface. It can be run as any other FreeFlight flight plan mission.

Last but not least, this compatibility offers users privacy by design. Parrot does not monitor professionals and their businesses. Parrot ANAFI Ai natively takes off anywhere. Parrot and Drone Harmony are GDPR compliant. Flight logs and all sensitive data collected by Parrot ANAFI Ai can be stored locally, on Parrot’s GDPR-compliant servers based in Europe and its users can choose not to share their information.

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