Linear Infrastructure Inspection

Inspect power lines, pipelines, roads, railroads and other linear infrastructure. Ensure safe operations by generating flight plans that avoid vegetation and other obstacles and follow complex terrains.

Linear Infrastructure

Full automation of your data acquisition workflow for linear infrastructure.

Save Time On Site

Automated flight planning and execution. Intuitive and streamlined workflow. Flight planning includes environment aware obstacle avoidance.

Get High Quality Data

Full coverage and accurate images guaranteed by optimization algorithms.

Reduce Cost

Perform more inspections with less skilled personnel. High data quality reduces image processing costs.

Scalable Solution

Flight plans can be shared and repeatedly flown. Train beginner pilots in less than 30 minutes.

Full 3D Work Environment

Plan and visualize both asset and flight plan in 3D for accurate and predictable results.



Business intelligence derived from drone data is only as good as the data that is used to generate it.