April 2024 – Drone Harmony mobile app release version 2.7.1

In this important release, we have combined all app versions into one.

Here is the list of versions of the mobile app that Enterprise users can view and choose from before entering the app:

– Power Scanner (D) + Power Scanner (T)
– Cell Tower Scanner
– General Mapping and Terrain app.

Enterprise users can also select one version as a default in the settings menu and change it later if needed.

Non-enterprise users will see only Mapping and Terrain (general version, no menu to select the version).


  • Towers have the color defined on the web – now supports different colors.
  • Electric towers: Ability to add notes to electric tower assets which was already supported on the web.
  • Integration of Sony a7r IV camera.
  • The loading site now has a landscape orientation.
  • Super-Res Shooting option added on DJI M300 – H20 combination.
  • New camera control icon for switching modes between normal image taking – Super Resolution – Video.
  • Changed home point visualization in 3d view.
  • On RC → It is not possible to open “Last drone position” in Google Maps, so we will copy the coordinates only.
  • Latest PhaseOne firmware support.
  • Waypoint mission info on selection in map view.
  • Added + – buttons on gimbal controls for pitch and yaw.
  • Zooming in improvements on large sites.  
  • Panorama is also supported through the camera trigger button similar to Hi-Res Grid.
  • Super Resolution is to be called a Hi-Res Grid shot.

Bugs fixed:

  • An issue with RTH on missions requiring multiple uploads.
  • Improved auto resume on large missions.
  • Edit buttons were sometimes unresponsive but it is fixed now.
  • Map view -> fixed drone follow/tracking logic.