November 2023 – Tower Scanner Update

Download Link:

  • Users can specify either to let the app set the focus by the app itself or set the focus by the pilot (manually with a focus slider or by autofocus by tapping on the screen).
  • By default, the app will set the focus automatically for most cell tower missions (for orbits, verticals, helix). The only exception at the moment is the overview orbit.
  • Fixed flight time estimates.
  • bug fixes
  • Ability to resume mission from any point using a scroll bar.
  • Improved support for German translation.
  • Show GSD and Overlaps in the app.
  • Improved computation speed for plugins.
  • Plugin Changes:
    • All → Separated radius for tower + Antenna.
    • Stacked → Changed the Number of Images to Horizontal Overlap.
  • Tapping and Selecting objects improvements on the map.
  • Tap on the Lift-off option.
  • Ability to move home point.
  • Unlocking Certificate.
  • Button Bindings.
  • RTK Setup Warning if we have no internet.
  • Warnings for speed if all images will not be taken.
  • Warning if the points are too close for the mission planned + options to handle them.
  • Mission execution → create a new folder for the mission.
  • Account sync improved.

Recommended Drones: All Enterprise drones

  • Mavic 3e + 3t
  • Mavic 30 + 30t
  • M300 + P1
  • M300 + H20
  • M350 + P1
  • M350 + H20