How Can I Get Data for Terrain Aware Planning?

Terrain data in Drone Harmony comes from two different sources: users’ custom data and the Airbus WorldDEM data set.

In case you have custom terrain data files that you would like to use for planning terrain aware flights, you can upload this data in Geotiff (*.tif) format in Drone Harmony Web. Custom terrain data can come from several different sources: if can be bought from data providers, generated using photogrammetry software, or collected using LiDAR survey flights.

An alternative source of data that is readily available for Drone Harmony users in the web interface is the Airbus WorldDEM data source. This is global data source with a resolution of 12m (~39 feet) and accuracy of a few meters. It is ideal for performing initial terrain aware surveys or for flights at higher altitudes (above 20m / 65 feet).

To learn more about the terrain workflow in Drone Harmony, see How to Plan Terrain Aware Missions in Drone Harmony.