First Steps with Cell Tower Scan

Cell Tower Scan is a skin within the Drone Harmony Mobile application (Starter/Professional/Enterprise Licenses) that is tailored for inspecting and collecting data around cell phone towers. The workflow of Cell Tower Scan is essentially identical to that of the mapping and inspection skin, except that Cell Tower Scan only contains tools and features that are necessary for inspecting cell towers.

To access the Cell Tower Scan skin please proceed as follows:
1. Login to your Drone Harmony Mobile account
2. Click on the menu icon in the left upper corner
3. Click on “Account & App”
4. Click on “Change App Skin”
5. Select “Tower Scan”
6. Restart the app

Access Cell Tower Scan

Since Cell Tower Scan is designed for a single task, it contains a simpler and more streamlined scene generation process. Concretely, to create a scene model for the cell tower and obstacles in Cell Tower Scan, we use the Tower Generation Wizard, which walks the user through all the necessary steps. To start the wizard tap on the “+” icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.
1. Either search a specific location or tap on “input cell tower” directly.
2. Click on the map to place the tower center point and tap “next”.
3. Use the polygon tool to outline obstacles on the map. You will not assign
heights at this stage. Tap “submit”.
4. Work your way through the wizard entering in each of the three tabs the
required information. This information includes: obstacle heights, tower
name, tower height, tower thickness, as well as information about the
antennas mounted on the tower: their heights, widths and thicknesses.
You can enter any number of antenna levels. Tap “submit”.

The tower generation wizard includes a 3D interface that visualizes every step of the generation of the model for a quick visual feedback.

Enter the obstacles and cell tower details.

Once the tower model is created, mission can be generated automatically for the defined tower. The plan catalog in Cell Tower Scan, that is reachable by tapping on the “+” icon and selecting “Create Flight Plan”, contains a variety of flight patterns for flying cell towers for a variety of applications including photogrammetry, visual inspection and more. The process of generating a flight in Cell Tower Scan is identical to that of any other Drone Harmony application.

Cell Tower Flight Plan Catalog