Supported Hardware

A full account of all supported hardware is available in this document.

What drones are supported?

Using Drone Harmony, you can plan missions for and fly almost all DJI drones.

Are there plans to support other drone platforms in the future?

Yes. Drone Harmony is working on such integrations.

What devices can run Drone Harmony Web?

Drone Harmony Web can run in any web browser and is optimized to run on laptop and desktop machines.

What Mobile Devices can run Drone Harmony Mobile?

Drone Harmony currently runs on most Android Phones and Tablets. Recommended devices and devices that are not supported are detailed in this document.

Is the DJI Smart Controller supported?

Yes, but you need to follow the installation instructions on this page.

Are DJI controllers with built-in screens supported?

Not at the moment, but we are working on a version of Drone Harmony Mobile for such devices.

Is the M600 drone supported? In what way?

The M600 drone is a platform that can carry many payloads. Drone Harmony provides a way to set the custom camera parameters in Drone Harmony Mobile (in Menu -> General -> Settings). This enables you to plan missions with the correct camera parameters. Drone Harmony Mobile can also fly the M600 drone automatically. Depending on the used gimbal and camera setup, it might not be possible to trigger the camera automatically through Drone Harmony (in which case manual triggering should be used).