Installing Drone Harmony on the DJI Smart Controller

Please follow these instructions closely:

1. Install Google Installer Apk (“google-installer-2-0.apk”). Use a MiniSD Card to transfer the Apks onto the remote controller. This Apk can easily be found online. If you encounter problems, please write to

2. Open the Google Installer and install each package but DO NOT OPEN (!) any of the packages.

3. (Only for Matrice 300) install device+ID.apk and register under your GSF number.

4. (Only for Matrice 300) wait a bit (1 minute) and restart the controller.

5. Install Drone Harmony Mobile
(available at

6. Open Drone Harmony. During onboarding connect your Google Account.

6.a) It will ask you to update Google Play Services (do so).


  • In case your Gmail account is a Gmail company account with an active security policy, then Google will currently show an error msg, “something stopped working” when trying to sign up with that account. We have not yet found a solution to this problem.

Download the PDF “Installing Drone Harmony on the DJI Smart Controller