Read list: A Short Course on Drone Harmony

This article contains a short list of articles and videos to serve as a short and concise training course, introducing the essentials of Drone Harmony.

Drone Harmony is a data capture platform that is designed to automate and simplify the process of drone flight planning and data capture (flight execution). Its main goal is to provide a data acquisition solution that addresses the safety, efficiency, and data quality needs of professional drone operators

  1. The flight planning workflow in Drone Harmony
  2. The Plan Catalog
  3. Getting Started with Drone Harmony Web
  4. Executing flight with Drone Harmony Mobile
  5. Flying Safely
  6. Cloud synchronization between the web and mobile apps
  7. Using terrain data (DEM / DSM) for mission planning
  8. Using custom map overlays

To learn more and find answers to specific questions (e.g. what hardware is supported in Drone Harmony Mobile?), use the search feature in this user guide, or browse our resource page. The resource page includes links to video tutorials, in-depth webinars on advanced Drone Harmony workflows and blog posts containing customer stories.