Why Drone Harmony

What makes Drone Harmony different or better than other apps?

Drone Harmony is unique in several ways that make it both more automated and more intuitive than other solutions. This allows gathering data in much more complex environments than was previously possible in a repeatable and reliable way. The main aspects that differentiate Drone Harmony from other applications are:

  • A web application and mobile application that are fully synchronized via the DH Cloud for storing and sharing flight plans and scenes
  • A multitude of working interfaces: 2D Map, 3D and 3D Terrain view
  • A scene-centered workflow and automatic mission generation
  • A tailored mission planning options for specific use cases
  • Real FULL-3D scene visualization and simulation environment, allowing pilots to see where the pictures will be taken
  • An ability to consume 3D data, in order to automatically generate the best quality images, flight plans, and safe autonomous flight execution
  • Obstacle avoidance, based on the ability to consume the 3D environment
  • Integration with airspace data (Unmanned Traffic Management – UTM) from Altitude Angels, enhancing flight safety and adding airspace awareness.
  • Integration with Airbus WorldDEM (Digital Elevation Model) for terrain-aware flights anywhere around the world.
  • Unique terrain-aware flight plans, even for steep and highly irregular terrain (Hill Scan)
  • The largest flight plan catalog for Cell Tower inspections
  • Support of almost all DJI drones
  • Integration with Open Street Maps for automatic extraction of building data
  • Ability to import custom maps as maps overlay

Why should I trust Drone Harmony to fly my drone?

Drone Harmony was created by a team of problem solvers with a passion for drones, software, and automation. Our products are deployed daily in hundreds of commercial use cases around the world. With over 200,000 automated flights already under our belt, Drone Harmony is at the forefront of flight automation and safety in the commercial drone space.

The Platform

Drone Harmony is a platform consisting of three products: Drone Harmony Mobile, Drone Harmony Web, and Drone Harmony Cloud.