Getting Started with Drone Harmony Mobile

Drone Harmony Mobile is Drone Harmony’s mobile application for planning drone flight missions and execution drone flights automatically. It runs on Android devices (phones and tablets). With Drone Harmony Mobile you can execute flight missions planned in the Drone Harmony Platform (Web, or Mobile applications).

What drones are supported for flight execution?

Currently, most DJI drones are supported for flight execution with Drone Harmony Mobile. For a full account of supported hardware see this document.

Is there an iOS version?

Not yet. We are working on an iOS flight execution app and hope to have a first release in early 2021.

What mobile devices are recommended?

This document mentions both recommended devices and some Android devices that are not yet supported.

In the DJI CrystalSky monitor supported?

Yes, but you need to follow the installation instructions on this page.

Are the DJI Smart Controller and other DJI controllers with build-in screens supported?

Not at the moment, but we are working on a version of Drone Harmony Mobile for such devices.